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Both Time Magazine and National Geographic featured cannabis science cover articles recently - 

"Science Seeks to Unlock Marijuana’s Secrets"

As the once-vilified drug becomes more accepted, researchers around the world are trying to understand how it works and how it might fight disease.

By Hampton Sides

Compliance Education and  

Consulting Services

Our group specializes in helping you learn how to become an educated and legally compliant VT Registry Patient and a thoughtful cannabis consumer in this new dynamic digital and legislative environment.


The 802 Crew is made up of patients with specialized therapeutic research and legislative experience focused on the therapeutic properties and life changing potential of the Cannabis plant.


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We are Vermont Compassion Center

We research every day for you. New products and methods combined with up to date news from around the world. We are here to be the change the world needs now. 

We are committed to educating any qualifying individuals who seek guidance in the registry process. We offer this as a public service, and are not endorsed by or affiliated with any governmental organization. We have been offering this service as disabled advocates ourselves since 2010.

In our continuing quest to help serve patients and potential patients throughout the state, we have affiliated with JaneNewEngland, a regional education and patient /caregiver resource. Please take a look at their extremely helpful site and stay tuned for further developments as we continue to work to help educate and advise patients and caregivers in New England.
  - by patients, for patients
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6/9/14 - Notice - see our services page for free introductory classes starting Saturday July 12th, 2014 in Burlington on the Waterfront.

Notice! - Do not pay for information that is freely available - anything you want to know we can help you answer. Knowledge is free.

This site is not intended to encourage or dissuade the use of marijuana, but has been created as an educational resource focused on the therapeutic use of marijuana under Vermont state statute.

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Vt Attorney general Willam Sorrel recently offered an opinion on Vermonters access to CBD oil - go here for details.

VT Registry Patients

​Hemp Working Group – 5/8/2015


A monumental societal shift is upon us – The Green Rush


It will directly affect every aspect of society within a very short period of time.


No facet of the current social framework will be untouched by this coming change.


Learn more about this coming change – or get lost in the dustbin of history  trying to play catch-up.


For every issue plaguing societies’ worldwide today, there exists a natural form of remediation and repair by application of an agrarian solution.


Come and learn more at our twice monthly meetings at the Peace and Justice Center on the Burlington waterfront.

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