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Our group specializes in helping you learn how to become an educated and legally compliant VT Registry Patient and a thoughtful cannabis consumer in this new dynamic digital and legislative environment.


The 802 Crew is made up of patients with specialized therapeutic research and legislative experience focused on the therapeutic properties and life changing potential of the Cannabis plant.


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VT Registry Patients

This site is not intended to encourage or dissuade the use of marijuana, but has been created as an educational resource focused on the therapeutic use of marijuana under Vermont state statute.

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  - by patients, for patients
We research every day for you. New products and methods combined with up to date news from around the world. We are here to be the change the world needs now. 

We are committed to educating any qualifying individuals who seek guidance in the registry process. We offer this as a public service, and are not endorsed by or affiliated with any governmental organization. We have been offering this service as disabled advocates ourselves since 2010.

6/9/14 - Notice - see our services page for free introductory classes starting Saturday July 12th in Burlington on the Waterfront.

12/20 - Our apoligies for cancelling todays class without notice - as patients ourselves we do not always have the volunteers available as reliably as we'd like, but we do our best. We are always available for consultation by email for your convenience, or to arrange for a personal consultation.